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November 23, 2011

Final Project: ANM 104 Design Theory & Practice

Final Project Mock-Up

Assignment Description

Produce a multi-page document in Adobe InDesign that shows and describes the development of 2 or 3 of your ANM 104 assignments.

Creative Process

You will need to:

• Scan your concept and compositional thumbnails and gridded drawings at 300 PPI

• Export your Illustrator files at 300 PPI, CMYK, JPEG

• Prep and Scale your JPEG files for placement in InDesign (CMYK, 300 PPI)

• Write the body copy, headlines and subheads.

• Utilize my compositional thumbnail designs or create your own composition thumbnail design.

• Format all the Graphic Elements and Typographical Elements in InDesign

• Print out, trim and assemble your Final Project Document.

Body Copy Structure

Below is the recommended structure to follow when you write the body copy for your assignments:

1. Define and discuss the Assignment Problem.

• Include the Assignment Specifications in this discussions.

2. Discuss the creation of your Concept Thumbnails.

4. Identify and discuss the Design Theory you utilized in the individual assignments.

5. Discuss the creation of your Compositional Thumbnails.

• Include a discussion of the development process (what worked, what didn’t.)

6. Discuss the creation of your Final Traditional Piece.

7. Discuss the creation of your Final Digital Piece.

• Include the identification of the tools and procedures you used to produce the Digital version of your composition.

Compositional Thumbnail Designs