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November 9, 2011

About the November 8, 2011 Class Session

Thank you for your Mid-Term Exam papers and your homework files designs. I will be available Friday afternoon to assist students either in my office or in the CNM Practice Lab for help with Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop.

To see the images we looked at in class click on “Emphasis Samples”  found under the category “IMAGE RESOURCES” on the right hand column of this class blog.


Reading Assignment:

Pages  56 – 69 in your textbook.

Reflection Assignment:

Write a reflection in your own words that answers the question below.  Your reflection should be a professional looking document –it should be typed, with complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling

1. Identify the “Focal Point” in either your “Pop Art Self-Portrait” or your “Zombie Self-Portrait” and  discuss the types of “Emphasis” it uses.

About the Digital Pop Art Self-Portrait

Continue to work on your Digital Pop Art Self-Portrait, strive to have this complete on November 15th.

About the Zombie Self-Portrait (Image Composite)

Continue to work on this assignment, strive to have this complete on November 15th.


1. Report to room 220.

2. Bring your finished Digital Pop Art Self-Portrait Adobe Photoshop file and your Zombie Self-Portrait to class as well as print outs.

3. Bring your USB (thumb) drive with you.

4. Your Reflection is due at the beginning of class.

5. The class will begin with a Quiz over the reading assignment.

Looking forward to seeing you in class next Tuesday – class will start at 9:00 a.m. Please plan accordingly. Our class session will take place in room 220.