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October 26, 2011

About the October 25, 2011 Class Session

Digital Wallpaper Production Sequence

Thank you for your reflection papers and your work and initiative while working on your Digital Dueling Rhythms assignment.

Continue to work on finishing up this assignment and the Digital Wallpaper assignment. Bring both of these to class next Tuesday.


Reading Assignment:

No Reading Assignment

Reflection Assignment:

In the place of the Reflection Assignment please start working on your Mid-Term Exam paper. The information, instructions and images for the Mid-Term Exam paper follow this Instructor’s Recap. You will also find it listed as MID-TERM EXAM under “Categories” on the right column of this blog.

About the Digital Wallpaper Assignment

Continue to work on your Digital Wallpaper Assignment –completed assignments are due next week. We will critique print outs and do a file “check” to look for and correct common pen tool mistakes.

The images of the Digital Wallpaper Production Sequence we looked through in class can be found under the category “IMAGE RESOURCES” on the right hand column of this class blog, click on “Digital Wallpaper Production”.


1. Report to room 220.

2. Bring your finished Digital Dueling Rhythm  and Digital Wallpaper Adobe Illustrator files to class as well as a print out.

3. Bring your USB (thumb) drive with you.

4. Homework is due at the beginning of class.

5. Class will begin with a file “check” / critique.

Looking forward to seeing you in class next Tuesday – class will start at 9:00 a.m. Please plan accordingly. Our class session will take place in room 220.