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September 21, 2011

About the September 20, 2011 Class Session

Thank you for your papers and your Dueling Rhythm work. Overall your Dueling Rhythm compositions are some of the best that I have seen, your hard work was well worth the effort.

In my opinion our critique went very well for our very first one. Learning how to critique is an art in itself  and takes some time to learn.

To see the images we looked at in class click on the appropriate title found under the category “IMAGE RESOURCES” on the right hand column of this class blog. The title names for the Lesson 3 imagery are “Unity Samples”;”Elements of a Tree”; “Pattern Samples” and “Pattern Making Samples”.

Note: The Pattern Construction Grid is 7-7/8″ by 7-7/8″, that should be the size of your final Wallpaper Pattern Composition.


Reading Assignment:

Pages  114 – 123  and 176 – 189 in your textbook.

Reflection Assignment:

Write a reflection in your own words that answers one of the following questions. Please make sure you have included the question you are writing about. Your reflection should be a professional looking document –it should be typed, with complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling

1. What was the most difficult part of the Wallpaper Pattern assignment’s creative process? Explain your process and difficulties when answering.

 2. What did you like about the Dueling Rhythm critique and what do you suggest that we consider doing differently in future critiques? Please give examples and reasons.

Dueling Rhythms Composition:

Assignment Description:

Creation of an original Wallpaper Pattern Composition of  “Tree Elements” that successfully integrate:

Allover Balance, Alternating Rhythm, and Positive/Negative Space Relationships

The Creative Process

1. Brainstorm on the subject of “Tree Elements”.

2. Acquire Research/Reference material.

3. Sketch out possible tree elements that you may incorporate into your Wallpaper Pattern Composition.

4. Trace your chosen tree elements onto the Pattern Construction Grid taking care to align the elements to create a repeating uninterrupted pattern.

5. Add additional details to complete the pattern.

6. Transfer your complete pattern on to a clean sheet of bristol board.  The final design should be reproduced with black sharpie on bristol board.

Reproduction Process:

• Transfer your completed wallpaper pattern from the Pattern Construction Grid onto a clean piece of white bristol board.

• Trace over your pencil lines using your black sharpie, use your ruler to draw any straight lines.

• Remember to take care to align the elements to create a repeating uninterrupted wallpaper pattern.

• Fill in the negative spaces with black marker.

• The final piece should be well crafted, clean and free of all pencil marks.


1. Come prepared for a quiz on your reading assignments.

2. Bring your red, blue and yellow acrylic paint and brushes to class along with your other class supplies and be prepared to work with traditional media.

3. Homework is due at the beginning of class.

3. Class will begin with a quiz on your textbook readings.

4. If you have not done so, please bring in the signed agreement form that is attached to the back of the Course Information document.

Looking forward to seeing you in class next Tuesday – class will start at 9:00 a.m. Please plan accordingly. We will start our class session in room 120.