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September 9, 2011

About the September 6, 2011 Class Session

It was great to meet all of you on Tuesday morning. I’m looking forward to a great semester will all of you!

To see the images we looked at in class click on the appropriate link found under the category “IMAGE RESOURCES” on the right hand column of this class blog.


Reading Assignment:

Pages 4 – 9 and 128 – 148 in your textbook.

Student Responsibilities section in the ANM 104 Course Information Document.

Reflection Assignment:

Write a reflection in your own words that answers one of the following questions. Please make sure you have included the question you are writing about. Your reflection should be a professional looking document –it should be typed, with complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling

1. What is Design Theory and why is it important?

 2. What is the Creative Process and why is it important in the field of visual communications?

 3. What are the Properties of Line and why are they important in the field of visual communications?

Out of the Box Craftsmanship Exercises:

Finish the three “Out Of The Box” craftsmanship exercises.


1. Come prepared for a quiz on your reading assignments.

2. Bring your class supplies with you and be prepared to work with traditional media.

3. Homework is due at the beginning of class

3. Class will begin with a quiz on Student Responsibilities and your textbook readings.

4. Please bring in the signed agreement form that is attached to the back of the Course Information document.

Looking forward to seeing you in class next Tuesday – class will start at 9:00 a.m. Please plan accordingly. We will start our class session in room 120.