Classroom Civility

Civility in the classroom and respect for the opinions of others is very important in an academic environment. To create and preserve a classroom atmosphere that optimizes teaching and learning, all participants share a responsibility in creating a civil and non-disruptive forum. Neither instructor nor student should be subject to others’ behavior that is rude, disruptive, intimidating, or demeaning. Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in this classroom in a manner that is civil and respectful of others and that does not disrupt teaching or learning.

It is essential to this learning environment that respect for the rights of others seeking to learn, respect for the professionalism of the instructor, and the general goals of academic freedom are maintained. Student conduct, which disrupts the learning process, shall not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action and/or removal from class. Various student behavior that is considered disruptive:

Annoyances, minor disruptions—arriving late and leaving early, cell phone use (this includes texting), working on other assignments, non-project web browsing, checking e-mail, side conversations, sleeping in class, packing up before end of class.

Challenges to the academic environment—taking up class time with: 1) comments and/or questions that are beyond the scope of the lecture or discussion; 2) repeated interruption of an instructor’s deliverance of a lecture or presentation; 3) questions and/or comments regarding the validity of course content, coursework and/or grading; 4) actions that generally undermine the instructor’s ability to teach.

Demeaning comments—use of demeaning comments, including vulgarity and stereotyping language.

Dominating behavior—questions, comments and/or actions that hinder the participation of other students.


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